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CreativeSeven provides full-service advertising to APPA for their Membership Services and conferences & events.


APPA/Global Pet Expo: Comprehensive Design & Marketing Support

Creative Seven provides marketing services and support to the Membership Department of The American Pet Product Association at the Global Pet Expo annually. GPE is the largest pet show on the planet.

Prior to the event Creative Seven:

  • -Designs Membership/Service Provider Booths
  • -Designs Pre-GPE direct mail to members
  • -Designs APPA Membership print collateral for show


At Global Pet Expo Creative Seven:

  • -Interviews APPA members about their membership experience
  • -Photographs members¬†and solicits testimonials during interviews
  • -Team with show photographer and videographer
  • -Provide backup support to Membership Department


After GPE Creative Seven:

  • -Organizes, disseminates¬†and presents new marketing content to APPA for review
  • -Creates Membership Retention & Recruitment campaign utilizing select APPA member photos & testimonials from GPE
  • -Developes campaign print & online advertising, direct mail, website content and print collateral