CreativeSeven provides Art is Good Creative Workshops to corporations, organizations and arts groups as a tool for Team Building. By making art and collaborating together, the shared creative experience forms lasting connections within each group.  The artwork created is a tangible product that can be exhibited and celebrated (together). To schedule an Art is Good Creative Workshop for your business or organization, call 646.734.9072 or email  You simply bring your good ideas and the Puzzle Team will bring the rest.  It’s easy. Visit to learn more.

Some of our participating groups:, Hilton World-wide (Hampton GM Huddle), The Marcus Buckingham Company, SurfTaco Corporation, Art Connects New York, The Keegan Theatre in DC, inRivers Art Space in Brooklyn, The Middletown Arts Center, The Reaves Gallery in Chelsea, NYC and The Queens Museum of Arts.

Example 1:  The Puzzle Project at the Hampton GM Conference in Orlando, FL puzzle_hampton600e The Puzzle Team organized, photographed/archived, curated, assembled and installed approximately 1400 artistic puzzle pieces created by Hampton Hotel employees from around the world. The Puzzle Team also facilitated puzzle art making and helped Hampton GM’s find their own puzzle pieces among the many on display. puzzle_hamptonhang600 Each Hampton hotel location made puzzle art about their hotel, staff’s “Hamptonality” and a little local flavor. The artwork was inspiring. Hampton Management, GM’s, participating agencies and partnering groups were proudly pointing out and discussing their puzzle piece and how and why it was created.  Each GM sent pictures back to their staff that collaborated to create the artistic puzzle piece. puzzle_hampton600z puzzle_hampton600c The Art is Good Puzzle Team: puzzle_tk2014
Tim Kelly (coordinating artist) puzzle_team_tree Theresa Previ (Team CEO) puzzle_team_dave Dave Previ (Chief Engineer) puzzle_team_chrissy600 Chrissy Lynn Darrah (Team Photographer)

Example 2: puzzle_etsy_5 Etsy organized an evening of puzzle making and team building, called ARTSY, at their Downtown Brooklyn labs. The etsy mission is to enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers. Check them out… puzzle_etsy_9puzzle_etsy_12puzzle_etsy_8puzzle_etsy_14puzzle_etsy_18   Example 3: The Keegan Theatre in Washington, DC SONY DSC

The Keegan Theatre in Washington DC hosted an Art is Good Puzzle Making Workshop. The eclectic building in Dupont Circle was buzzing with creative energy. Folks in theatre business understand how to express themselves, so the puzzle project came naturally to them. After the matinee performance of “Working,” artists sat together on stage or alone in seats and made puzzle art.  They exhibited their collaborative art in the theatre lobby. puzzle_keegan_5puzzle_keegan_7