Tim Kelly, Owner & Creative Director
CreativeSeven is an Art & Design business.

An award winning design boutique specializing 
in branding, creative development & production management.
 C7 services clients in the education, health care, financial services, non-profit, printing, and hospitality industries.

Providing full-service advertising and project design, CreativeSeven can work with you to design anything you need.

Prior to opening CreativeSeven in the Fall of 2006,
 Tim worked for seven years at the Fifth Avenue-Flatiron 
branding firm, Prism Marketing & Communications. He worked on accounts for Reuters, Thomson Financial, 
NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases, Stamford Hospital System, 
as well as other Fortune 500 companies and national brands.

C7 provides a quality product, on time & within budget.


Creative Development

CreativeSeven is full of good ideas. We work together with you to create an affective campaign, message or graphic for your company or organization.

C7 works with a bevy of talented writers, producers, photographers and designers. We are able to fullfill all of your creative, content and graphic needs.

CreativeSeven offers creative team-building workshops called, Art is Good
for your employees or organization.  Together you can make art and connect.


Brand Guardians

CreativeSeven designs and develops brand identities.

C7 also modifies or can modernize an existing brand.

If you have a brand you are happy with and just want to complete a project with seamless brand-style cohesion… CreativeSeven is especially good at it.

C7 can build or help support your brand.


Total Production Accountability

CreativeSeven works closely with a quality group of production vendors. Our relationships are strong. Each creative concept we develop has the final production process in mind. We don’t put “square pegs” into “round holes”. Your project is produced by the correct type of vendor, not the most convenient. Our strong production experience allows C7 to control the quality of the tangible final product that we deliver to you.

C7 can handle everything you need: printing (web, offset, digital & large format), indoor & outdoor signage, ad insertions to publications, display graphics and just about any other product you may need to design and/or produce.

C7 provides a quality product, on time & within budget.


About Art is Good

Art is Good is an art program about “art” and “you.”  It consists of creative workshops and projects which nurture expression and facilitate creativity through fine art. The focus is more on “what” you are making… your idea. Art is Good is like nothing you have ever experienced.

We hope to inspire each artist to recognize that they already have creativity in them and can make art for a living or just for themselves. Art is Good exists to: stoke confidence, help individuals grow as creative thinkers and to provide an environment to enjoy a shared creative experience. 

We teach that you cannot make art wrong, unless you do not make it. We teach that art is good.

for more info go to: www.artisgoodforyou.com